Saturday, December 4, 2010

How Tough Can It Be?

Alright, I was Mister Mom when Leah was gone in March and April and never had Angela late for school. Now, I get her up a half hour earlier then Leah (every day) and I have only gotten her to school on time ONCE this week. I don't understand!!  She is not stalling out on me, she is listening to me and doing everything very promptly. I am brushing her hair while she eats so two things are getting done at the same time. I lay everything out in advance so I don't forget anything, clothes, meds,that breathing thing, coat, gloves, hat, boots. I am organized. (okay I forgot to send her shoes 1 day).

So, should I get her up earlier or will I get faster at this as time goes by?


  1. For once there is something I can do better than you! HA! (sorry, couldn't resist that, but you're usually way better at Mr. Mom than I am as Mrs. Mom!) I'm sorry to say that this is just one of those skills that I believe...most of the time...comes with being female. We're used to getting a lot done before we walk out the door. But remember you've also been skyping with me for 10 minutes or so every morning. Oh yeah, you said you're getting her up 1/2 hr earlier. ROFL The schedule goes like this:
    1. I am in the kitchen by 6:45, though a couple times have slept in until 7:00. Get Angela's breakfast and meds on the table

    2. Angela's alarm should go off at 6:50. She comes upstairs dressed at 7:00. Only rarely do I need to wake her up.

    3. I let her take her meds first (she insists) then I brush her hair BEFORE she eats (before breakfast ends up in her hair. Put hearing aids on as soon as I'm done with her hair. (shhhh I'm usually checking emails while she's actually eating. You know, in case Ms. S. is trying to reach me. LOL)

    4. By 7:20-7:25 she is done eating and brushing her teeth.

    7:30 I go start the car.

    7:35-7:40 by the KITCHEN clock, we're in the car.'s simple. ;-) Gotta run! I have a boy in the bathroom with his toothbrush and we need to get out the door for breakfast. LOVE YOU!

  2. When it's not YOUR schedual, it's so hard to run on it. All you can do is smile and try. If everyone is clean and happy and ends up where they are supposed to be, then all is good:)

  3. You'll get faster. Matt has the same problem when I'm gone (even thought I do leave a schedule). I think the hardest thing for guys is that once they tell a child to do something they just assume that the kid IS doing it and so they go do something else. Only to come back to the child and find out that the child has been doing nothing for the past 15 mins. which now makes her late for the next to do on the list! With Katie I have definite times when she starts her to do's but also check times for me and end times when the to do must be done. and if she's not moving fast enough to do it by herself, I will step in and do it for her--which she hates. But, since she has no concept of the passage of time I have to keep her moving from one activity/to do to the next and make sure that she actually did it.