Friday, December 3, 2010

Meeting our Son.

Okay, it wasn't the perfect way to meet my son but with technology today and with the job situation, it was the next best thing.

First of all I woke up real early and wanted to get online ASAP to meet Axel, then I thought, oh, I don't want him to meet me with morning bed head, in my robe, not shaven, you know that wonderful morning look, so I made myself presentable, brushed my hair,and made myself look good. The moment had now arrived for me to get online and say hello. I did and I was the happiest man in the world at that moment. All I could say was, Hello Axel, I am your PaPa over and over. I was really hoping he could understand just for that moment ,english, I knew he couldn't, but I know he knows PaPa, (I think that means Grandpa in his language) that's okay he can still call me PaPa, that's what I want.

After talking with Leah we are going to have some challenges ahead of us. That's okay,we have had many challenges in front of us before and have conquered them all. I just really wish I was with Leah so I could help her out and not have to be challenged on her own. At least I'll have Leah here for me when that happens.It's always team work with Leah and I and I feel like I'm letting her down with me at home.
I will just keep praying for Leah and Axel and know that things will be better.
Still the happiest Dad in the world.


  1. Just watched the video of your meeting on Leah's blog! How lovely to be able to "meet" before they come home:) I completely understand your feelings about not being there, at least you are able to talk to each other during this time.

    So happy and excitied for your family! Can't wait for you to meet your son in person. Congrats Papa :-)

  2. Oh sweetie! You are NOT letting me down! God orchestrated this just the way he knows is best for Axel, Angela, as well as the two of us. You know if the arrangements had been what we'd been set up in the first place, and you'd come along on the trip, I would be a worried mess PLUS dealing with Axel. This way I can concentrate on him, and I don't have any worries about Angela or home. I know that you have it all under control there. God is good! This is a bonding time for Axel and I. When we get home you can take those couple of days off for a long weekend so I can catch up and you can have your turn. ;-) Love you!

  3. The first 6 weeks or so after they were adopted (and in the previous 30 days) I only got to talk to my new kids on Skype. I am forever grateful for technology.

  4. Actually, papa means pope in Serbian.

  5. Good thing Axel doesn't know what a pope is, AND we don't speak Serbian at home. He doesn't speak Serbian himself (he is non-verbal) But he knows several signs already so he's beginning to have a way to communicate clearly for the first time in his life.